Becoming an Excellent Reader is a Simple Process
It is not complicated
In written English, letters stand for sounds. Say the sounds of the letters in a word in order, and reading occurs naturally and automatically. Sixteen letters almost always make the same sound. They are easily learned.

So only 10 letters normally make more than one sound. Even first graders can easily learn a few sounds for 10 letters, plus a few rules governing them.

Academic Associates focuses on those few sounds. After students learn to sound out and pronounce words, they are taught simple, effective techniques for understanding what they read. Reading becomes a logical, uncomplicated process. If this sounds simple, it's because it really is.

Students of all ages learn fast
Students are gently led through a series of easy steps. As they respond, they begin to read. It's so easy they often don't even realize they're reading at first. In lesson one, nearly every student, even those with severe learning disabilities, will read at least 300 words.

By lesson 13, most fifth graders through adults read and spell college-level words, and comprehend material written on their own grade level or higher.
Boys learn as well as girls
About 80 percent of poor readers are males. Girls are typically better readers, although they, too, are handicapped by today's predominant method of teaching reading. But boys and men learn as quickly and as well as females with the Academic Associates Reading Program. There is no difference in reading levels between males and females. Most finish the course within 30 to 40 hours, and experience dramatic results, although a few take as long as 60 hours. Only about 2 to 4 percent require more than 60 hours.
A secure, positive atmosphere
Students are taught individually by patient, caring Reading Instruction Specialists, and are never embarrassed or blamed for their reading difficulties. They blossom as old barriers and limitations crumble. Self-confidence and self-esteem escalate rapidly as their abilities increase.

The Academic Associates Reading Program has helped thousands of students of all ages, It works consistently, even when other methods have failed. But the couse is not just for students who are experiencing difficulty. Those who already excel will receive a welcome boost toward even greater success. Many of these students gain several additional grade levels in their reading ability.

Tania was a seventh-grader who raised her reading ability from third-grade level to tenth-grade in our course. Sarah, another seventh-grader, raised her level from third-grade to eleventh. Chris, an eigth-grader, rose from seventh-grade to college level. Jacquie, a sixth-grader, went from third-grade level to eigth, then, in the following year, advanced to eleventh-grade on her own.. Victoria failed first-grade in May, but by September she was reading at fourth-grade level. Pat's highest grade as a high school freshman was D, but he made the honor roll his entire sophomore year. His lowest grade for the entire school year was a B! Melissa, a college graduate, had always struggled with reading for comprehension. After taking our course she was accepted at five law schools! The lives of these students were changed forever.

These are not exceptions; they are typical of our students. Teaching them was so easy that you will not believe it when you see it yourself. No other reading instruction method even comes close to achieving this level of success.
What did Scientific American recommend as the best way to teach reading?

In the November, 1996 issue, Scientific American reported the results of a twenty year, multi million-dollar study on teaching reading to dyslexic students. It concluded that the way Academic Associates teaches is the very best method. That didn't suprise us at all. We've taught hundreds of students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Our way is also the most effective for teaching those without learning disabilities. If children or adults in your family need to read better, don't waste another day. Call Academic Associates now. There is no better way to learn to read. Cliff Ponder, President & Founder of Academic Associates Learning CentersĀ®