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Reading Instruction Specialist

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My son has been working with Janice Ward at Academic Associates for over 3 years. He went through Janice’s specialized phonics program and learned the basics to enable him to read at a faster pace. We have continued to stay with Janice Ward and her tutoring center because middle school has proven to be very difficult for our son as he has a learning disability which encompasses his working memory. Janice is without a doubt the best tutor we have had and we have gone through many. Not only does she assist in his learning development plan along with his teachers at school, but she keeps on top of the middle school curriculum and will attend teacher conferences. She wants our child to succeed and gives 110% to make sure he does. I can’t say enough good things about her! ~Ninan, mom to 12 year-old boy

Lauren is never without a book now. She loves to read to us, and we actually have to tell her to stop reading and go to bed. ~Lisa, mom to 9 year old girl

I think the fact that English is a second language for us (her parents) has made it difficult for Sunny. We don’t use a lot of different words when we speak English so Sunny doesn’t have the vocabulary she should and her work suffered…Her self-confidence has increased along with her abilities. She can’t wait for class each week! ~Jane, mom to 9 year-old girl

Brett really got it! Now he loves to read. We are so pleased! ~Denise, mom to 7 year-old boy

We just got the STAR test results back, and for the first time ever, Kendall was "proficient" in everything! ~ Denise, mom to 10 year-old girl (both of her children went through the program)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done and the impact it has made on Raymond’s life. For years I have struggled as a single parent trying to help my son do well in school. I have met countless times with school counselors to assist in Raymond’s school development…I followed their advice. I bought books on how to organize and study… but the “work harder” approach just wasn’t working. Since you have been working with Raymond, I have seen more confidence and enthusiasm from him and a positive outlook on school. He has told me he wants to go to college! Thank you for helping Raymond. ~Dan, father to 15 year-old boy

Our 15 year-old grandson, Raymond, has done well in school until Middle School where his grades began to slip. The once happy boy was becoming withdrawn and losing his confidence. His father saw both school teachers and counselors to no avail. Dad was told he was a good kid and he would "outgrow" it. That didn’t happen. He began high school with below-average grades. His father was frustrated, we were frustrated, and I can’t imagine how frustrated Raymond must have been. He was truly trying hard with all the tools he possessed. In utter desperation I called Janice. First she calmed me down, then she asked me a few questions, then she set up an assessment for Raymond. In a matter of weeks after beginning the Academic Associates Reading Program (via webcam – Raymond lives in Idaho!) he was turned around. The happy kid was back, the confidence was returning, and his smile was back in time for his braces to come off. It was Janice’s experience, knowledge, and ability to instill confidence and a positive attitude that made this happen! To us, a synonym for miracle is "Janice". She has our thanks, gratitude, and love. ~Rosemary, grandmother to Raymond

You have made a great impact on my life. Before starting these sessions, school was hard for me. Since you have helped me with my English my learning skills have improved. Finding out how to pronounce words correctly was really hard for me until you taught me the rules to English. You have shown me how to break down words properly and what to look for in a word to pronounce it correctly. My vocabulary has gotten better since the beginning of the course. Thank you for everything you have done for me. ~Raymond, 15 year-old boy

I have seen so much improvement in Scott's reading and writing abilities over the past one year. Thank you for all of the guidance and support that you have provided not just for Scott, but also for Jerry and myself. Jerry and I will use the helpful tools that you have provided and continue to train Scott. ~Teresa, mom to 10 year-old boy

To our dearest Janice, Thank you so much for all your hard work with Matthew. I just looked on School Loop to see if his math score from this am was posted yet and yes it was. He got 100 out of 100. Woohoo!!! Thank you for teaching him in a way that he actually understands!!! When he left this morning I told him to just remember how you explain the problems and solutions and I could tell that he totally got it. Now proof!! You are the best!!! Love, The Miller's...

Janice, Here is the note I told you about. Thank you sooo much for doing such a fabulous job with Sean! Just checked on Sean’s Reading Counts progress. Since October he has read 6 Henry and Mudge books and has passed all the tests. He has only taken one test so far this month, but I think that is because I made him get another type of book. (A-Z Mysteries). His reading level right now is about at a 2.2 reading level. He is doing great. ~Teacher of 7 year-old boy

Dear Janice, I miss you so much. I hope I get to see you some time. You know what? I got my report card and I got honor roll! LOVE Melissa